The Mnemonic Mirror

10 May1 July 2016

University of Technology, Sydney

curated by Kylie Banyard and Gary Carsley

For the first time in history knowing has been separated from learning, with the internet reshaping the struggle that memory continually wages against forgetfulness. Memory for many is now a resource accessed easily and randomly rather than something produced as the evidence of knowing, acquired only by the time consuming application of effort and concentration. The Mnemonic Mirror showcases the work of a group of Australian artists whose practices could be said in part to explore the future of the past. Each of these artists engages with making as a form of scholarship and has developed a singular practice by their individualistic approaches to the aesthetic and narrative possibilities of anachronistic or overlooked modes of visual practice.

Artists:  Troy-Anthony Baylis,Tony Clark, Emily Hunt, Deb Mansfield, Linda Marrinon, Clare Milledge, Archie Moore, Debra Phillips, Robert Pulie, Aaron Seeto, Kylie Banyard, Gary Carsley. Curated by Kylie Banyard and Gary Carsley.

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