Dot.gif – DNA Projects 2013




dot.gif | life in the project

A collective animation project, curated by Eric Bridgeman and Willy Bernardoff

Dot.gif is a highly experimental group exhibition of animated still photographs and video works compiled by visual artists Eric Bridgeman and Willy Bernardoff. For this project, the duo invited visual artists to send in photographic documents of artistic projects at various stages in the process, and from this have built up a collective portrayal of numerous ‘living’ art projects

The overarching theme of this exhibition is ‘life in the project’. This is a conceptual idea based on the writings of Boris Groys and Jean Paul Sartre, in which they both theorise the notion of the project, the formulation of artistic proposals and life spent living in the project as an “ontological condition of human existence”, and thoroughly overlooked as the art form that it has become.

dot.gif features work by: Jane Barrow, Aaron Burton, Namila Benson, Jonathon Beale, Chris Colonna, David Creed, Thomas Graham, Eryca Green, Peter Flanagan, Martin Jacobsen, Alexander James, Deborah Kelly, Stella Mcdonald, Aiko Mineishi, David Lightfoot, Archie Moore, Kelly Sturgiss, Mona Saeed Kamal, Ruark Lewis, Joe Mallard, Jonathan McBurnie, Paul Mumme, Joan Ross, Sam Sharman, Kate Stevens, soda_jerk, Richard Walker, William Yang, Clare Young and others